THPM offers a full Property Management Service


Whether you are leaving the island for a year, and need someone to look after your property whilst having it earn its keep, or whether you bought a property purely as an investment, THPM can help. 

THPM was initially established  to deal with long term rentals and property management so our relationships with employers seeking placement for new arrivals, tradesmen working on maintaining our portfolio on behalf of our owners and our clients, many have which have been with us more than 10 years ensure that occupancy rates are high, maintenance standards are good and your investment is earning its potential and is being well looked after.

For more information on these services please see below or email [email protected] 


Tenant Services


  • There is no charge to a tenant when assisting them in finding accommodation.
  • Using an agent gives you access to a wealth of local information.
  • Contrary to local rumours, there are NO hidden fees being added to your rent when you use an agent.
  • ALWAYS let your agent know which properties you have already seen and which agents you have already talked to. This will save both you and your agent a lot of time as many properties are multi listed.
  • Have a security deposit available to immediately secure a property. A property is often shown on multiple occasions on any given day, and this can be the difference between securing and losing your new home.
  • Have pets? Smoke? Thinking of getting in a room mate?  Let your agent know. It may limit the properties available to you however, it can also mean that a deposit is not refundable if these items / actions are prohibited in an agreement and you have not been honest about them.
  • You are liable for damages your guests make.
  • A long term lease is usually 6 – 12 months in length.
  • Always sign off on the inventory and other paperwork you are provided with, and return a copy to your landlord. It is there to protect you.
  • The security deposit is NEVER used as last months rent.
  • Out of country checks are not usually accepted. They take 21 days to clear.
  • Think the unit is over priced? Say so. Your agent can present an offer. Note that some one else may be presenting a full offer at the same time so be reasonable.
  • Would like to take the unit but……?.  Say so. Your agent can attach a wish list to an offer.
  • If you are unsure of what is expected of you at the end of your lease agreement in relation to the handing over of your property, ask your landlord or agent.
  • The security deposit should be refunded in full, within 30 days of vacating, subject to all tenant responsibilities being fulfilled. Read your lease agreement carefully.

Landlord Services

If you are considering renting out your property, whether it be your current residential home, or an investment property that was purpose bought, there are always a number of question that are asked of us as agents.

You may be considering using an agent or maybe marketing the property yourself. You may also benefit from our management services or possibly these are not needed for your property. We aim to assist  with any questions you may have and we will work through the 3 main concerns with you to ensure you get the best possible return. These are :

  • Price
  • Location
  • Clean & well maintained standard.   

For more information including fees please contact us at [email protected]